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Pick and choose between our variety of stainless steel balustrading.

Making use of cables, TSG glass or even stainless steel tubing – we believe that while balustrades should keep you and your family safe, they can also be incredibly stylish.

We understand regulations – they are there for your safety. We adhere to these regulations in every option from our Frameless Glass selection, with various fixing options. Choose from our aluminium-framed balustrades, designed with glass, aluminium tubing or cabling inserts, built to last.

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Aluminium Windows & Doors
Aluminium Windows & Doors

All standard and custom made windows & doors All glass or systems requirements to client/project needs according to AAAMSA & SAGGA regulations.

Aluminium Shop Fronts, Curtain Walls & Facade's

Shopfronts, Curtain walls & Façades are manufactured and installed to the clients specific requirements and in accordance with the required wind loads guided by AAAMSA and SAGGA programs.

Frameless & Aluminium Showers

Aluminum showers in standard sizes and colors as well as custom made sizes All frameless showers made to the specific requirements of the client/project